Literacy Support

Accelerated Reader

Trusted by Teachers. Loved by Students!

At its heart, the Accelerated Reading Programme is simple. Students read a book, take an AR Quiz, and get immediate feedback. Students get excited and motivated when they see their progress and teachers can easily monitor and manage students' independent reading practice. We as a school have already been impressed with the programme which has given our low reading age students the opportunity to develop their reading skills and improve their reading age. They aspire to be more competent readers and we, through the accelerated reading programme, are offering them that opportunity.

Impact/Growth Report April 2014

72 students from Years 7, 8 & 9 were re-tested - results as follows:

Reading Age Improved

48 students

Reading Age Remained the same

2 students






Literacy Support

Pupils who enter the school at Level 2 or a low level 3 at KS2 of the National Curriculum, or who have a low reading age are supported by direct intervention to improve these levels as swiftly as possible.

Pupils at Level 2, or reading ages of 5 to 6 years, may be offered the Catch-up Literacy programme. They will have two half hour sessions weekly delivered by trained staff.

Pupils whose reading falls below 9 years or who are at Level 3 on the National Curriculum in English follow the Hackney Literacy programme. Its aims are to move students to a level 4 as quickly as possible.

All of the pupils have the opportunity to access the Accelerated Reading programme. This is a simple but very effective programme for improving reading and comprehension skills. This can be accessed by parents to track their child’s progress and get involved in their reading.

Students with Specific Learning Difficulties like dyslexia may be offered any or all of the above interventions. Some also follow specific dyslexia intervention programmes such as Beat Dyslexia, Alpha to Omega , DILP or a tailor made combination to suit their needs.


The Lit Programme

Boosting reading attainment at Key Stage 3

The LIT Programme delivers a small group intervention that improves the reading and writing skills of struggling Year 7 pupils by equipping them with strategies for learning and understanding, as opposed to just decoding, a piece of text.

The programme targets pupils who begin Year 7 on a National Curriculum (NC) level 2 or 3 for English and aims to accelerate their progress so that they can achieve NC level 4 by the end of Year 7. It draws on a variety of evidence-based approaches and has been piloted successfully in Hackney. It is currently being used in approximately 120 secondary schools in the UK and has won funding for a 40 school trial funded by the Education Endowment Foundation.

Benefits of the Programme:

  • Pupils develop speaking and listening, reading and writing skills that can be developed throughout their secondary career.
  • Pupils’ confidence is strengthened so that they can work with greater independence.
  • Pilot schools  achieved excellent results from the programme. 50% of pupils achieved three or more sub-levels of progress in just two terms, with 78% progressing two or more sub-levels.

“The LIT Programme is one of the most effective interventions I have ever seen in practice. The resources provided are focussed and engaging. It’s simply outstanding.” Ofsted inspector


Catch Up

Catch Up™ Literacy is a structured one-to-one intervention for learners who find reading difficult. 

Delivered by teachers, classroom assistants, carers and mentors who have attended training                    

Learners (aged 6-14) who received Catch Up™ Literacy support for an average of 7 months achieved an average Reading Age gain of about 19 months.