Education Advisory Board

melioredit3.jpgMelior Community Academy's Education Advisory Board is totally dedicated to supporting the staff, infrastructure and especially the pupils. It is made up of volunterrs who give their time and commitment freely.

The job of the Education Advisory Board is to support and challenge the Academy's Senior Leadership Team to raise achievement and realise the potential of all the pupils.

Melior has an extremely wide range of options available to KS4 pupils and we aim to support and enhance this area of education.

The EAB supports the vision and ethos of the new Academy within the Delta family who offer support and opportunities for the staff and pupils.

To contact a member of the EAB please contact the school in the first instance.

Delta Representatives

Mr P Raspin - Chair of EAB - Nov 2015

Mr M Smith - Jan 2013

Mrs J Fletcher - Vice Chair of EAB - Jan 2013

Mr D Faulks - Jan 2013

Mrs E Wasley - Nov 2016

Mr G Mason - Jan 2016

Mr C Mitchell - Sept 2017

Staff Representatives:

Mrs K Chatwin - Jan 2016

Mrs T Gorbutt - Nov 2016

Elected Parental Representative:

Mrs J Matthews - Jan 2016

Ms S Oliver - Nov 2015

Associate Representatives:

Mr Rick Mellows - March 2017


Mrs M Stokes - April 2017


To become a member of the EAB or to contact an EAB member please contact:

Mrs M Stokes(Clerk to Education Advisory Board)

c/o Melior Community Academy
Chandos Road
DN17 1HA
Tel: 01724 868666


A copy of the Governance Handbook can be obtained for Education Advisory Board personnel by contacting Mrs M Stokes on the above email address.