KS4 Foundation Year (Year 9)

The KS4 Foundation Year will consist of your child studying the following subjects:

Maths (4 lessons per week)

English (5 lessons per week)

Science (4 lessons per week)

PE (2 lessons per week)

Philosophy & Ethics (1 lesson per week)

Students will study a range of topics covering spiritual, moral, social, cultural and ethical issues.  In Year 9 they will study aspects of human rights, prejudice, equality, war and conflict.  These units provide a grounding for future studies in KS4, which will begin in the summer term of Year 9.  Pupils will be encouraged to develop their own opinions and beliefs and understand and appreciate viewpoints and beliefs different to their own.

French/German (1 lesson per week)

Geography (1 lesson per week)

History (1 lesson per week)


As well as the above subjects students will also study 3 of the 7 subjects listed below of their choice, totaling an additional 6 lessons per week:


Resistant Materials


Business Studies

Computer Science (ICT)