New Behaviour Policy

27th May 2016

Please find below a copy of the New Behaviour Policy which will take effct from September 2016.

In addition students will need to adhere to the following rules which take effect from Monday 6th June:

  • No makeup, nail varnish, acrylics or nail extensions are to be worn by students

  • No jewellery is to be worn by students

  • Hair should be cut in a style suitable for school and kept neat and tidy. Styles which are extreme or cause unnecessary attention, will not be tolerated. If any parent or student is in any doubt on this rule, they are asked to contact the school before any modification of hairstyle is undertaken. Inappropriate hairstyles include those where hair is cut at both the No 1 and 0 standard, or with defined patterns cut into a longer style. Hair should not be styled or ‘gelled’ in an extreme fashion. If hair is dyed, only natural colours - Blonde, Brown, Auburn or Black should be used. Students will be isolated from the school community until the necessary modifications have been addressed

  • Students are not permitted to use mobile phones or any smart technology at any point during the school day. Mobile phones should be turned off and stored in school bags until the end of the day or not brought into school at all. Students who contravene this rule will have their device confiscated and collected by parents in line with academy policy.

  • Students are encouraged to wear their Academy uniform correctly when travelling to and from the Academy and must not be involved in behaviour that could adversely affect the reputation of the Academy.

  • For example:

    • uniform – students will be issued a C4 detention if they remove their tie at the Academy gate.

    • Students are discouraged from smoking on their journey to and from the Academy.  If they are found smoking at or near Academy premises the consequences system will be used.