Tickets for We Will Rock You (6th-8th July)

11th June 2016

SWWRY Tickets for our end of year show 'We Will Rock You' are available now!

6th July 7:30pm

7th July 7:30pm

8th July 7:30pm

As always, we have tried to make purchasing tickets as easy as possible, with a variety of ways.

1) You can purchase them from Student Services, Mr Ray or Mr Lancaster.

2) You can also purchase them online using a debit or credit card, through our online box office* where your e-ticket will be emailed directly to you. There is also an option of having it sent to your mobile phone. All tickets purchased through the box office allow you to use the SPEEDYPASS entry system to avoid queuing. Guaranteed front row seats are only available through the online method, with 50 tickets reserved for the front for each night + a free souvenir programme. Please note that front row tickets for Friday have already sold out. There are still tickets remaining for the main seating area.

Melior Productions mission is to provide high quality theatre at affordable prices. You will notice that this year, all tickets are just £1.50.

This is the second time we have produced this fantastic show in the past 9 years, and it is a firm favourite of ours.  

*a small admin fee is applied for online orders.