Teaching & Learning

Lesson delivery:

Because we are committed to inclusivity in the classroom our staff are highly trained in instructional teaching.  Though the use of modelling, guided and independent practice, chunking and continuous review all students can understand, link, and then transfer knowledge.  In this way we not only prepare them well for examinations, but for their adult lives.  We share these practices with the students and in doing they become self-regulated learners.  Every lesson starts with a learning question, so the students understand the direction they are going in.    

Collaborative learning:

Collaborative learning is effective when students are thinking and linking together and can develop skills such as oracy and self- regulation.  At the academy was seat students in groups of four allowing them to engage with both shoulder and facing partners.  Seating plans are carefully crafted by staff so that collaboration is effective and share accountability.  Teachers use many different collaborative strategies to structure tasks, to keep students engaged and allow full access what is being taught.  


Teachers at Melior know their learners and plan accordingly.  Provision for student with specific SEND needs is in place and no student is ever sat waiting for others to finish a task.  All learners grasp new ideas at different rates and so we test first what a student knows, find the right way to break down what they do not know and scaffold where necessary to help them through a task.  We have differentiated outcomes for our lessons so that students can achieve, but then also challenge themselves to go one better. 

Assessment and feedback:

Student learning is assessed continually during lesson time and formally through examination.  Learning happens when knowledge is transferred from working memory to long term memory and this can only be achieved by revisiting topics taught and testing whether they have been retained.  Both the CONNECT and DEMONSTRATE are daily methods by which learning is reviewed and checked and students receive formative feedback, either verbal or written in every lesson.  Through testing and regular feedback students can fill in gaps in knowledge and develop their skills. 

Teacher training:

At Melior we are committed to providing our students with a life changing education.  To do this, we always strive to be better.  Teachers at Melior have weekly development sessions where teaching and learning is discussed, good practice shared and celebrated.  Teacher coach each other to develop areas of practice and the trust delivers expert subject training throughout the year.