Melior Community Academy recognises the importance of clear and effective communications with all stakeholders (students and parents/carers, AAB members, DELTA, outside agencies, national bodies, etc), and is committed to being open and accessible for all who have an interest in the Academy. The key stakeholders for the Academy are parents and students and this policy addresses the main ways in which the Academy ensures effective two-way communication between home and Academy.

Communications can take a variety of forms: verbal (through meetings or by telephone), written (through letters, notes in planners, text or email). Occasionally a communication may be received second hand or through an intermediary.

Effective telephone communication can sometimes be a problem in a school, where teachers may be teaching full time and running clubs or otherwise working with students at lunchtime or after school. Parents may be exasperated if they feel that a message elicits no immediate reply, when in fact there has been no available opportunity for the member of staff to reach a telephone to return a call.

For this reason the Academy has been particularly proactive in encouraging use of modern communications methods, with all parents/carers being encouraged to give an email address for prompt and effective communication.

However, this does not mean that the Academy always gets things right and this policy aims to clarify the parameters within which we operate to ensure that communication is carried out with all stakeholders and interested parties effectively and clearly

Staff will reply to parents’ communications in a timely manner, concerns raised by phone will be addressed on the same day of the call wherever possible and within 3 days where further investigation or information is required. 

Standard office hours at Melior Community Academy are:
• Term Time 8.00am until 4.30pm

Academy Telephone number: 01724 868666


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