Melior’s enrichment focus is to provide opportunities for students to develop lifelong interests whilst acquiring important social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills. This time can also be used to provide support for the academic challenges faced by students each day in school.

Through developing the aforementioned skills students will improve their self-esteem while developing higher aspirations in both current academic situations and in pursuing long term careers.

The provision of our enrichment varies through clubs and activities that encourage our students to pursue special interests such as music, sport and artistic performance.

We offer a range of after school clubs which are open to all pupils. Our performing arts and stage production club is extremely popular and produces two school productions each year. We have a STEM club, a wide range of sports clubs and activities before and after school, a sewing club and a creative writing group.

ECO Prefects

The Eco-Committee was established in October 2020, and is headed up by Miss Mayo, Teacher of Geography, but very much driven by our keen committee members from a range of year groups. Here at Melior, we aim to create a generation of young people who are socially and environmentally responsible, and we have been impressed with our pupils’ response.

Our two main foci from the outset were to achieve Green Flag status as an eco-school, and to go plastic-free.

We have introduced plastic-free Fridays, and every pupil in school has a reusable water bottle which has gone a long way to tackling our goals for a plastic-free life! We also hold regular assemblies on recycling and other topical environmental issues, in addition to keeping the wider school community informed through our Eco noticeboard.

Junior Leadership Team

Melior Community Academy has a Junior Leadership Team providing an opportunity for pupils to have their views heard and influence decisions made which impact upon them, their education, and academy community.

The JLT form an integral part of the communication between their peers and the Academy leadership team, allowing them to express and represent the views of every pupil. In addition, JLT representatives are empowered to take a leading role in organising events throughout the academic year such as:

  • Fundraising for The Children’s Air Ambulance – Delta Academies Trusts’ chosen charity.
  • Supporting and being involved in assemblies and presentations for pupils.
  • Representing pupils as part of the interview panel for teacher & support staff recruitment
  • Representing the Academy at local events
  • Presenting ideas to peers, then listening & recording students’ views and sharing these at JLT meetings
  • Feeding back to the wider Academy progress from JLT meeting

Melior’s Junior Leadership Team is comprised of the academy’s two elected Student Leaders alongside the Form Captains and Vice Captains. As a group they meet once each half term and discuss ideas brought by the form captains. They lead the meetings and collate ideas and feedback ready to be brought to the Academy’s leadership meeting, who will then respond to each of the major points and respond to requests and recommendations made by the JLT. In the past this has included a review of the uniform policy, improving the Academy décor, use of student toilets and variations to the reward visits. 

Student leadership

At Melior Community Academy, we recognise the importance of developing the employability skills of our students. We provide a wide range of opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills in preparation for life beyond the Academy.

Student Leaders

Every year we elect Student Leaders, this is open to students in Years 9 and 10. Students complete an application and are elected for the position, this is a rigorous process and prepares students for the leadership skills they may need when they leave the Academy.

The Student Leaders head up our JLT, supporting the Form and Vice Captains. As well as running the termly JLT meetings, the Student Leaders will meet with members of the academies SLT to discuss issues and ideas raised at the JLT meetings as well as representing the academy in assemblies, at events such as open evening and parents evening and providing pupil views in staff interviews.   

Form Captains and Vice Captains

Within each tutor group, two students are elected to represent their views on the student leadership team. JLT meetings take place once a half term. During JLT students discuss several aspects of Academy life, including teaching & learning, student achievements and issues relating to the Academy environment.

Form Captains and Vice Captains gain opinions from the peers to allow them to represent their views appropriately. JLT meetings are about the opinions of the whole class and not just the Form Captains and Vice Captains need to follow up by feeding back to the rest of their tutor group what was discussed.

In addition to meetings, Form Captains and Vice Captains will support student activities in tutor time and contribute in a wider role within their tutor group. There are a variety of roles which may be undertaken as a Form Captains and Vice Captains including:

  • Taking / supporting in assemblies
  • Supporting at school events such as Open Evening, Parents evening and School Productions
  • Working in partner Primary Schools
  • Taking part in Student Voice meetings

The level of responsibility that is given to each student will depend on the age group or ability of the student. However, the aim is always to provide the opportunity to help a student develop and demonstrate leadership skills in a variety of ways. 

Peer Mentors – TBC

The Peer Mentors were set up to ensure that there was an active student body to discuss the issues surrounding anti-bullying at Melior Community Academy. The Peer Mentors have been involved in a number of activities to promote the need to make our Academy a bully-free zone. These have included holding whole-Academy assemblies, planning anti-bullying activities for use in lesson times and designing new student-speak Anti-Bullying and e-Safety policies.  

Melior’s Weekly Sports Clubs

Everybody is welcome to attend!


Football with Mr Kirk

Netball with Mrs Potter and Miss Hodgson


Badminton with Mr Lawis


Cross country/Fitness with Mr Lawis


Rugby with Mr Lings