You may have seen the recent media coverage about whether the planned vocational qualifications set to take place this January can go ahead. These examinations have been cancelled.

The Department for Education has confirmed that this summer’s GCSE and A Level examination will not be taking place and will be replaced by centre assessed grades (CAG).

Reassuringly, there will be further opportunities for your child to sit any missed January examination components at a later date. We feel that the summer 2021 and January 2022 examination sittings will be more advantageous as we will hopefully not be in the midst of a national lockdown and school closures due to a significant rise in Covid-19 infections regionally and nationally.

This has obviously had an impact on our preparations for the examinations and I am confident that the examination board will ensure that your child will be assessed fairly and that they will not be disadvantaged.

We will be continuing to provide work so that students carry on with their studies in preparation for their next stage of education, training or employment. We would encourage you to continue to support your child in their school work. We are already in contact with Post 16 providers regarding how we can support you with securing the next steps and will keep you as up to date as possible as further information becomes available.

We want you as students to know, that although the circumstances this year may be different, you and our pride in your achievements shines through. Please remember that your exam results do not define you as a person and they certainly don’t define the rest of your life. The fact is though, exam assessment is not the best measure for everyone, yet unfortunately it’s the only measure used in today’s education to benchmark success.  Whatever the outcomes this year, we look forward to celebrating your success together at the very earliest opportunity.  

We hope this gives answers to some of the questions you may have and we will provide further updates to you as soon as we are able.  It should be noted that we are unable to give any further indication of potential grades for this summer at this point, beyond the predictions that were given on the Y11 report in January, which you have already received. We are aware that this was several months before the examination series and this will be reviewed accordingly and in line with DFE guidance.

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