Homework Extension Studies

At Melior Community Academy we believe that extension studies is important in:

  • Reinforcing positive attitudes to work
  • Encouraging self organisation and self discipline
  • Reinforcing, broadening and extending the school curriculum
  • Developing home/school partnership
  • Preparing students for life opportunities and experiences


  • Learning outside lessons is vital for building the skills to become an independent learner
  • Homework is an integral part of the curriculum and should be used to consolidate, extend and enrich students’ learning.
  • Homework should be purposeful and meaningful, and support achievement towards the aims of the current episodes of lessons.
  • Where students are engaged in controlled assessments and other extended projects in school, they should be provided with opportunities beyond the classroom to develop the required skills further
  • Teachers are expected to set homework as appropriate linked to the materials being studied within the classroom. The proportion of homework students receive will increase as they move through the academy
  • Year 9, 10 and Year 11 students should be expected to spend a minimum amount of time per subject per week working beyond the classroom, this may be through independent study or teacher assigned tasks
  • Homework can take a variety of forms including answering questions, reading, extended writing, thinking, planning, independent study, revision and researching.
  • Where large ongoing projects are set over several weeks the teacher will ensure that students meet interim deadlines at the appropriate time. Subject and teaching tracking procedures should mean that students do not leave the majority of the work until the final deadline; regular feedback on their work as it is completed will allow faster progress

The Purpose of Extension Studies

Extension Studies can serve a range of purposes e.g:

  • Allowing practice and consolidation of work done in class
  • Allowing preparation for future class work
  • Offering access to resources not available in the school
  • Developing skills in using libraries and other learning resources
  • Providing opportunities for individualised work
  • Allowing assessment of students’ progress and mastery of work
  • Providing evidence for the evaluation of teaching
  • Training for students in planning and organising time
  • Developing good habits and self-discipline
  • Encouraging ownership and responsibility for learning
  • Providing information for parents
  • Providing opportunities for parental co-operation and support
  • Creating channels for home-school dialogue
  • Fulfilling the expectations of parents, students, teachers and the public

Homework Club

To support students with their extension studies, staff from the Support for Learning Department run a

Homework Club in the library after school. Students are encouraged to use it. Adult help is on hand (not to give answers of course) but to encourage and guide. Difficulties can be resolved and concerns passed on to subject teachers

The Planner

All students are provided with an attractive planner at the start of the year.  This is the key vehicle for communicating extension studies activities to parents and should be used as fully as possible (other than simply to record what extension studies has to be done and the date by which it has to be done) for example:

  1. To obtain a parental signature
  2. To communicate (briefly) with parents, particularly where there are concerns over non-completion)

We do not have strict guidelines on the amount or frequency of extension studies. If you feel that your child is getting too much, or too little,  please contact your child's Learning Manager so that we can address this as quickly as possible.

Knowledge Organisers

knowledge organiser is a set of key facts or information that pupils need to know and be able to recall in order to master a unit or topic. They are a great revision tool for pupils in KS4 studying for GCSE’s and can help KS3 student learn and embed key facts for their subject early on.

Knowledge organisers are provided for each subject are and for pupils across year 7 to 11 and covers a specific topic or unit of work. Across the year the knowledge organisers will be updated as more units and topics are covered in school.

We would ask parents to encourage their child to use the knowledge organisers to help support and aid learning in the classroom.

Where no formal homework/extension studies is set Students should work through their Knowledge Organisers

Wider support

Specific external packages may be used to support learning. Students are often set Hegarty tasks, GCSE Pod or LanguageNut activities to complete for homework. These are formally tracked and monitored by the academy.


Where students fail to complete a homework task or an extension studies activity. Students may be required to attend a catch-up session and this is issued as a C4 other departmental detention with the class teacher.