Careers Update - Labout Market Information

The December newsletter for the labour market information in the Humber area is now available.  This is useful for our pupils, parents and carers and gives insight in to local jobs, demand, and which skills needed.  This information can help in making decisions for the future. The newsletter has been sent out to all parents and carers via our school comms system and has also been added to our Careers@Melior section on MS Teams so all our pupil's can also access this. 

Decembers Focus is on Creative and Digital Media.

Did you Know?
 There has been an increase of 57% new business start ups in the area in the digital sector overthe past 5 years

 Jobs requiring digital tech skills command higher salaries, on average, £42,578 compared to£32,477 per year, while digitally enabled jobs — those requiring only some engagement with digital tech – bring in £35,227.

 Skills shortages are in multiplatform skills – the ability to produce content across all potential platforms, such as the web, mobile, ipad or TV and transfer skills from one sector to another