Delta Easter Reading Challenge

Over the Easter holidays, use the links below to complete our reading challenge! Once you have read at least 5 of the books below, choose an activity to complete from the ‘Reading Menu’.

Submit your final creation directly to your academy or post a photo on Twitter @deltatrusteng to be in with a chance to win one of 10 x £10 gift cards.

Your challenge is to read at least 5 of the following:

  • an electronic book o a non-fiction book o a book with an animal as the main character o a book you read with a friend (use video calling or just agree to read the same book!)
  • a book published this year o a mystery or historical fiction book o a fantasy or horror book
  • a book recommended by a teacher/or the Delta reading at home booklet
  • a comic book
  • a favourite book you want to reread
  • a book with a front cover you like
  • a funny book

You might have some of these books in your house, but if not, try accessing books using the following links:

Accelerated Reader:
David Walliams:

The deadline for your submission is Monday 20th April at 11am

Reading Menu – create and submit ONE of the following to be in with a chance to win a £10 gift card.

  • Write a poem or song which summarises the books you have read. Make it informative but catchy (you could submit via video recording or on paper) 
  • Write a formal letter to your local library explaining why they should stock each of the texts you have read. 
  • Write a story based on ideas from all of the books you have read (you could steal a character name from one book, a setting from another etc.) 
  • Create a leaflet/poster advertising all of the books you have read 
  • Create a comic strip based on the books you have read
  • Create 10-15 challenging quiz questions about the texts you have read (remember you will also need the answers!)

All of the above can be submitted as a word document, PPT or short recording/animation. Have fun! We can’t wait to see your submissions.

Delta English Team