Information for Year 8 - 11 Parents

As we fast approach the start of the summer holidays, it is hard to believe that the last time the whole academy was together was over four months ago.  We have remained open throughout that time for the children of key workers and of late, the return of Year 10 students. 

The latest Government guidance has now been released detailing how exactly schools should run as of September and the strict guidelines we are expected to follow.  We can assure you as parent/carers that every effort has been made to ensure the safety of your children and our staff and at the same time, re-instilling the much-needed routines and learning all of our children need.

In an attempt to avoid copious detail, please refer to the link below that provides all Government guidelines in preparation for all students returning in September.

Listed below is a series of points that sum up what the academy will look like as of September, not only to give you peace of mind that every consideration has been made, but so together, we can support each other whilst we continue to navigate our way through these very challenging times: 

Every Year group from 7 to 11 will have their own learning area (bubble) within the academy and students can only mix with students within their own year group 

Our academy wide Risk Assessment has been updated to comply fully with Government guidelines  The academy will have staggered start/finish times for all year groups (see below) 

There will be more than one entrance/exit used for differing year groups (see below) 

Students will be instructed and escorted to wash their hands on arrival and reminded throughout the day to continue to do so 

No visitors are allowed on to site, including parents, without an appointment 

Parents dropping their children off in a car, must remain in their vehicles at all times 

Students who will be using public transport to and from school, are required to wear a face mask in line with government guidance 

Students will participate in practical PE wherever possible. On days where students have a PE lesson they will attend school in kit and remain in kit. 

Students are expected to be in full uniform (all previous expectations re: mobile phones, jewellery and make-up still apply) and are allowed to bring a ‘small bag’ to school with basic equipment, (Black and green pen, pencil, ruler and rubber) including packed lunch if preferred  

Students will receive a full and broad curriculum with all subjects being delivered again 

Our Cleaning staff will remain on site during the day, cleaning all areas on an on-going basis 

All students will have a break and lunch time as normal, but will remain with students within their year/bubble 

All classrooms throughout the academy comply with government guidance re: layout 

Once students leave at their designated time, they cannot remain on site and must make their way home immediately 

Bubble Leads and members of the Senior Leadership Team will meet and greet all students at their points of entry each day 

Enrichment/Intervention/detention will be completed in year group bubbles 
The new layout of the academy:

Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11
Bubble BaseEnglishHumanitiesMathsArt, Technology & PEScience & IT
Entrance/ExitMain Doors*Humanities Doors*Technology end Atrium Doors*Art/Technology Doors*Main School Doors*
Start Time8.15am8.25am8.35am8.15am8.25am
Finish Time2.40pm2.30pm2.20pm2.40pm2.30pm
Bubble School LeadMiss StockdaleMiss YarsleyMiss BroughtonMs MillsMrs Bibby
Learning ManagerMrs DonnellyMiss MasarellaMrs HurleyMrs HaynesMiss Bishop

* Students should enter the academy site by the gate nearest to their entrance.

As you may all know, our Autumn term starts on Monday 7th September, but we would like to stagger the start for all students, ensurng a safe and orderly return. 

Monday 7th September, all year groups should arrive at the times specified above.
We completely understand that this is a very difficult time for us all, especially our new Year 7 students who will start without the usual transition visits to the academy.  All plans are now in place and we are genuinely looking forward to reopening our academy welcoming you all students back and embarking upon our new sense of normality. 

We will of course keep you fully informed of any further Government directed changes, which may occur between now, and September.