NCW21 - DAY4!

So far our puplils have engaged in a range of differenta activities  to support National Careers Week 2021!

They have taken part in tutor discussions about careers in their family, accessed assemblies, logged on to their Start profile accounts to complete modules on how to create a CV, looking at GCSE and Post-16 options and employability skills! The have been given advice and top tips on how to deal with stress and today DAY4! their teachers have reached out and asked their family and friends about their careers. Some of these people have been very kind (and brave!) to do a video for our pupils that tells them about their career, what to expect and advice on what to do if they want to follow in this career path. They can access this link below (they will need to log in to their outlook account to access)


The videos have been made available to ALL of our pupils to explore during tutor time and in their own time too.

Day 5 will see Y10 & Y11 pupils access the NCW film about HOPE - looking towards the furture and our Y7-9 pupils complete the 5 minutes of positivity with their tutors - looking at  their top skills, positive words to describe themselves, how can they help others and what could they do to improve