Our Curriculum Intent

Melior Community Academy: Curriculum Rationale and Intent

Our Curriculum is the totality of all the learning and wider experiences that are planned for our students across their time with Melior Community Academy and Delta Academies Trust. Our Vision Statement ‘Changing lives’ (to improve educational outcomes for communities in the North of England, creating a sustainable organisation that improves our society and the wider environment) sits at the heart of all that we do.

Melior Community Academy draws directly from the local community with the majority of pupils living within walking distance. The academy is a smaller than average school. The vast majority of its intake comes from its four main feeder primary schools.

We serve our local community and work closely to with partners to plan a set of learning experiences that meet the needs of our students. In addition, we use local, national and international labour market intelligence to plan courses to best prepare of young people for life beyond school. We have the highest standards and expectations for all students and we strive to provide a curriculum that respects the needs of all students as well as one that encourages young people to seek continuous development and improvement.

Our curriculum:

  • offers opportunities for students to achieve success, including in music grade qualifications where requested
  • is coherent and progressive
  • provides deep, sustained and valuable learning for all students
  • provides opportunities to develop levels of literacy and numeracy across all curricular areas
  • promotes opportunities across the curriculum for the development of student health and well being
  • recognises the importance of digital literacy and provides opportunities for the development of
  • the skills students need to function in a technological world
  • provides a range of courses which challenge, engage and motivate students
  • promotes learning across a wide range of contexts and experiences

We recognise that to provide our young people with rich learning experiences in a range of contexts it is crucial to work in partnerships with others. Expertise often lies beyond the school and learning opportunities are regularly planned with partner organisations including, statutory and voluntary organisations as well as employers and charitable organisations.

Our rationale has been developed in consultation with all members of our school community. It is dynamic and regularly reviewed. We strive to create a high quality culture of self-evaluation alongside a willingness to learn from local, national and international best practice. This inward and outward looking approach to curricular development is aimed at supporting young people to develop 21st century transferable skills that prepare students to be successful within a complex, ever changing employment market.

Our aim, through our curriculum is to develop young people:

  • who are confident, prepared to take calculated risks, can cope with change and view failure as part of the learning process
  • who feel included in their community with an active desire to contribute politically, socially, culturally and economically
  • who have high expectations of self and an ambitious vision for their future
  • who have a ferocious work ethic that results in them achieving, and exceeding, their academic potential
  • who are respectful, tolerant and empathetic towards the values and beliefs of others
  • who are happy and have a desire to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle
  • who are self-aware and know their own strengths through reviewing and evaluating their progress
  • who have a range of transferrable skills for learning life and work including: communication, collaboration, critical thinking and willingness to challenged accepted norms and creativity skills
  • who are capable of making informed decisions and are aware of their rights and responsibilities

Melior Community Academy aims to ensure that all young people experience an inclusive learning environment that supports all our students towards a positive and sustained, post-school destinations. This necessitates us collectively striving for excellent attainment for all, as well as ensuring equity issues are addressed, i.e., ‘diminishing differences’.

  • Excellence through raising attainment: ensuring that every child achieves the highest standards in literacy and numeracy, and the right range of skills, qualifications and achievements to allow them to succeed; and Achieving equity: ensuring every child has the same opportunity to succeed, with a particular focus on closing the poverty-related attainment gap linked to the IDACI index.

This is delivered through a range of learning pathways that meet the needs of all learners. These pathways often include ‘blended’ learning experiences with a combination of academic and vocational learning to ensure students have the opportunity to develop across a range of different learning contexts. The purpose of these experiences is to help children and young people to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

We plan the totality of students’ experiences around 4 key strands:

Ethos and life of the academy as a community

Through encouraging all young people to challenge themselves, aim high and pursue excellence in all aspects of their education and wider lives. Our house system supports and scaffolds wider learning experiences. All students are expected to complete a set of pledges that recognises their wider school contributions.

Curriculum areas and subjects

Through a coherent sets of experiences that provide breadth, depth and an increasing element of choice through all years including SRE, STEM, CEIAG, Sustainability and Enterprise and Employability. With a particular focus on development and uptake of EBACC subjects working towards government ambitions and extend and support uptake of MFL in school.

Interdisciplinary learning

Through a planned set of progressive learning experiences that are based around themes and drop down days including: STEM; Sustainability and Enterprise and Employability both on and offsite. These experiences place an emphasis on critical thinking; communication; collaboration and creativity. In addition to the interdisciplinary learning in the delivery of numeracy and literacy e.g. science formulae in maths, maths calculation methods in Geography and our embedded PSHE, Citizenships and SMSC.

Opportunities for personal achievement

Through opportunities for participation beyond the formal curriculum including: outdoor learning; trips and visits, striving for excellence and/or participation in sporting, musical and theatre activities and opportunities to experience local, national and international school excursions. We will also support young people to understand their own strengths and weaknesses as well as plan for next steps in learning and life with planned apprenticeships immersion days and University visits.

Our curriculum aims to deliver both excellence in terms of ensuring children and young people acquire a broad range of skills and capacities at the highest levels, whilst also delivering equity so that every child and young person should thrive and have the best opportunity to succeed regardless of their social circumstances or additional needs.