All students at Melior Community academy are strongly encouraged to earn twelve Pledges. As students move from one Key Stage to the next we celebrate through graduation assembly.

Pupils can graduate with honours if they have sufficient pledges, high effort scores from subject areas and 100% attendance.

Pledges encourage pupils to try new activities that may be out of their comfort zone enabling them to become more well rounded young adults. Above all, pledges help pupils to have a more valuable and enjoyable experience at school. Pledges can be awarded for both activities in and outside of the academy including:

  1. Regular attendance at an ‘After Academy’ activity or club.
  2. Representing the Academy in either a sporting, cultural or academic event.
  3. Attending a national sporting, cultural event or performance at a major venue.
  4. Taking part in an academic production/event or organise an event for other students.
  5. Taking part in a formal presentation to an audience.
  6. Being actively involved in an international experience, within or beyond the academy.
  7. Being actively involved in a community experience, within or beyond the academy.
  8. Helping to plan, organise or participate in a major fundraising event within the Academy or the community.
  9. Taking part in an activity to prepare themselves for the world of work
  10. Contributing to the sustainability of the academy
  11. Taking part in a piece of formally recognised creative work
  12. Regularly going above and beyond within lessons and outside lessons

Pledges are awarded as ‘colours’ in our termly commendation assemblies