Praise and Rewards

‘PROUD Thursday’ is a weekly event with our students at Melior Community Academy. Students share their work with the SLT and we celebrate the work they are most proud of. It’s open to the entire school.

During the current school closure, we have launched ‘PROUD Thursday Online’. Students have been invited to share their work to the Proud Thursday email and we use Twitter as a platform to share the best work. We will do this every Thursday and then continue on as normal on Thursday’s when we are back.

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Students are rewarded for good attendance and their rewards can be tracked through Class charts

Class charts - Reward Points

We also use class charts for our rewards system.

Class Charts - We all respond to incentives.  From tax breaks to lower insurance quotes, we know how to
behave in order to reap rewards.  Students are no different and with the help of our Student Rewards Store, pupils can become immediately aware of the benefits to themselves for positive behaviour. 

Inspired by Bruce Forsythe’s Play Your Cards Right – Points Mean Prizes! Pupils are able to take responsibility for their behaviour and understand the correlation between positive behaviour and positive reinforcement.

Students can receive points for a variety of different reasons. Please log in to review your child's points. Studetns can then use these to spend as they see fit in the rewards shop. Class charts

Reward assemblies

Every term we reward our students who have gone 'Above and Beyond' in our termly reward assemblies