At Melior Community Academy, we recognise the importance of developing the employability skills of our students. We provide a wide range of opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills in preparation for life beyond the Academy. We also value the thought and opinions of our students as key stakeholders, and ensure that Student Voice plays a significant part in our Academy. 

Form Captains and Vice Captains

Within each tutor group, two students are elected to represent their views on the student leadership team. StLT meetings take place once a half term. During StLT there is a standing agenda regarding several aspects of Academy life, including teaching & learning, student achievements and issues relating to the Academy environment. Form Captains and Vice Captains need to gain the opinions from their tutor groups so that they can represent their views appropriately. StLT meetings should not just be about their opinion, but that of the whole tutor group. After the meeting Form Captains and Vice Captains need to follow up by feeding back to the rest of their tutor group what was discussed.

In addition to these meetings, Form Captains and Vice Captains are expected to contribute in a wider role to their tutor group. For example, these students are asked to collect the register, help check equipment & uniform and some have even lead some student activities.

There are a variety of roles which may be undertaken as a Form Captains and Vice Captains including:

  • Taking assemblies
  • Assisting groups of students with their learning
  • Participating in the subject’s intervention programme
  • Supporting a faculty at school events such as Open Evening
  • Working in partner Primary Schools
  • Taking part in Student Voice meetings

The level of responsibility that is given to each student will depend on the age group or ability of the student. However, the aim is always to provide the opportunity to help a student develop and demonstrate leadership skills in a variety of ways. 

Working Parties

Over the past few years at Melior Community Academy, we have tried to inspire our students by encouraging their interest regarding assisting Academy life in different ways. Our working party meetings are held once a half term and can include – Eco-schools, Charity Work and the Peer Mentors.

The Eco-schools working party has been set up in order for the Academy to meet the criteria required to gain a Bronze award under the Eco-schools programme. To this end so far the group has conducted an environmental survey, completed whole Academy assemblies and investigated the increased use of recycling at Melior Community Academy.

The Charity working party has been set up to arrange a regular range of events that students can take part in to raise money for the Academy’s charity of the year. Usually this is a local charity that has some link with students who either attend or have attended Melior Community Academy. This year’s charity is the Children’s Air Ambulance. The students have held bake sales, sponsored events in order to raise the most money for the charity. 

The Peer Mentors were set up to ensure that there was an active student body to discuss the issues surrounding anti-bullying at Melior Community Academy. The Peer Mentors have been involved in a number of activities to promote the need to make our Academy a bully-free zone. These have included holding whole-Academy assemblies, planning anti-bullying activities for use in lesson times and designing new student-speak Anti-Bullying and e-Safety policies.  

Student Leadership Team

After each StLT meeting the academy President and Vice President meet with members of the Senior Leadership Team to discuss the outcome of their meetings. SLT then respond to each of the major points and attempt to see whether any of the requests or recommendations from the StLT meetings can be implemented. In the past this has included a review of the uniform policy, improving the Academy décor and the use of the students toilets. 

Academy President and Vice-President

Melior Community Academy is a community and as such believes that all members of its community are of equal value and invaluable worth.

At Melior Community Academy we believe that all students are entitled to contribute actively in shaping the educational experience they and their fellow students receive. Any student in any classroom in any year, has a voice that should be heard in the Academy.

Student Voice allows students to share who they are, what they believe, and why they believe what they do with their peers, parents and teachers. At Melior Community Academy we care about what the students think and take time to listen to their views. 

Every year we elect an Academy President and Vice President, this is open to students in all year groups. Students apply and are elected for the position, this is a rigorous process and prepares students for the much needed leadership skills when they leave the Academy.

These students are seen as being the best of the Academy and need to represent Melior Community Academy’s ethos and beliefs at all times.

Both Presidents and Form and Vice Captains meet once per half term to discuss ideas, issues raised and agenda items which can include, praise, enrichments, SMSC, environment and fundraising projects.

The Presidents meet regularly with the Principal and also present in assemblies, at events and support with staff interviews. If successful, they will have additional responsibilities to their leadership work including regular speeches at Academy events, such as the Year 6 parents’ evening and open evening.

Student Leadership is overseen by Mrs Mayoh.