We recognise that starting a new school is not easy and hope that the booklet below will be helpful during the important process of settling in and that your association with Melior Community Academy will be a happy and successful one.

Melior Community Academy is an 11-16 specialist Academy in Business, Enterprise and The Arts . As an Academy, we aim to provide a curriculum suited to students of all abilities. We also aim to provide extra-curricular activities that appeal to the widest possible range of interests and abilities. You can access more general information about the Academy in the School Prospectus, obtainable on request from the school office or it can be downloaded via the schools websites Downloads/Letters section. 

Transition Arrangements

  • A key member of Melior staff will visit all feeder schools and speak to all Year 6 pupils about how Secondary School is different and allow pupils to raise any issues or concerns and ask questions. Year 6 pupils will also have a chance to talk in small groups to year 10 Buddies. 
  • The SENCO will visit all Feeder Schools during the Summer Term and discuss all pupils with Additional Needs (Statemented, School Action Plus and School Action) with the Primary SENCO. Where necessary, pupils will be observed/spoken to by the SENCO. 
  • All pupils from Feeder Schools will be invited into school for 1 day in July (Transition Taster Day) to meet their new Form Tutor and experience a typical day. Some vulnerable students will visit Melior on more occasions to allow them to become familiar with key staff.  
  • Some pupils from Feeder Schools will be invited to participate in Circle Time in the last half term of Year 6 with the Year 7 Nurture Group Leader and a Learning Mentor. Students identified to be in the Year 7 Nurture Group, will have been selected against specific criteria. Contact is made with parents, who are given the opportunity to make appointments to discuss their child individually. 
  • During the first half-term all Year 7 parents will be invited to attend a consultation evening with their child’s Form Tutor to make sure they have settled at Melior Community Academy. 
  • Assistant Principal, SENCO, Inclusion Support Coordinator and a Phase Leader will meet with the Year 7 Nurture Group Leader to discuss which pupils are most suited to the Nurture group. In addition, those pupils who continue to need support from a Phase Leader will then be allocated to their caseload for the start of the Autumn Term. 

Transition Arrangements – Additional Support


Phase Leaders are a vital part of the transition process at Melior Community Academy and their main aim is to raise achievement and improve behaviour. They offer a wide range of support to pupils including academic, behaviour and pastoral support. Phase Leaders and support staff are able to develop key relationships with pupils to support them to identify and deal effectively with a range of barriers to learning and have proved to be most effective in achieving their aims.

Additional Support

Additional support will focus on a cohort of identified pupils who are likely to struggle with the move to Secondary School. The cohort will also include pupils who are coming alone or with very few other pupils from their school. Primary Schools will be contacted before Easter and asked to identify a group of vulnerable pupils. Mrs Mitchell (Year 7 Nurture Group Leader) and a Learning Mentor will visit each feeder school during the Summer Term and run a 6 week Circle Time Programme where issues can be addressed. Year 7 pupils who have already participated in the Transition Circle Time programme will be invited to participate in a mentoring capacity. Vulnerable pupils will also be identified to undertake a programme of Emotional Literacy or Anger Management from September. This will be run by the Inclusion Support Worker. 

Benefits of the Transition programme

  • Pupils will be extremely enthusiastic and feel ‘special’
  • Pupils are eager to ask questions
  • Pupils are able to air their worries and discuss fears with like-minded children
  • Silent statements are a very useful resource
  • Pupils enjoy the Circle Time activities
  • The Circle Time activities generate all children taking an active part
  • Pupils enjoy meeting and getting to know the Learning Mentors from the Secondary School
  • It is a good idea for the pupils to meet other pupils in Melior Community Academy who have been through the transition process before. The pupils realise they are not the only ones who feel particular anxiety.
  • Friendships are formed within the groups
  • Pupils find it stimulating to meet with Year 6 pupils from different Primary Schools
  • Pupils feel a huge confidence boost, especially from frequent visits to their Secondary School
  • Stronger links are established with the Phase Leaders
  • Pupils enjoy the tour round the school and enjoy looking at the classrooms