Higher Education

For students intending on entering Higher Education, there will be a planned programme to support their application through the UCAS system. Once again, aspiration is the key to success allied with the expertise and support of key subject staff.

The aim throughout is to encourage aspiration and personal development to enable all students to achieve the best career outcomes possible.

Careers Support

For more information visit the UCAS website:



If you’re thinking of applying to either Oxford or Cambridge universities, one of the first things you’ll find out is the college system. There are over 40 at Oxford and over 30 at Cambridge, and each one is different.

Each college operates as an independent institution within the university, and students normally apply to a specific college.

Deciding which to apply to will become clearer once you have thought about what subject you want to study, and once you’ve visited the two universities. We run trips to both in the summer. But in the meantime, you might want to browse our new Oxbridge college tree. 

This selection chart below divides all the colleges up on the basis of three criteria: size, reputation and distance from the centre.


For further infomation please click here

Regional Support

North Lincolnshire is supported by Christ's College, Cambridge and Lincoln College, Oxford in helping raise the aspirations of those students who would not normally consider an application to Oxford or Cambridge.

Admission and Selection Test

UKCAT - The UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) is used in the selection process by a consortium of UK university Medical and Dental Schools.The test helps universities to make more informed choices from amongst the many highly-qualified applicants who apply for their medical and dental degree programmes.

Cambridge Assessment Admissions Tests (includes BMAT) - Information about Cambridge Assessment’s family of admissions tests. These include BMAT ELAT STEP and TSA Cambridge and TSA Oxford.

LNAT - The National Admissions test for Law (LNAT) helps some universities to make fairer choices by helping them to learn more about their applicants and their aptitude for studying law.

Russell Group

The Russell Group are some of the most Elite Universities in the UK.  For more infomation on their membership click here

Yorkshire Russell Group Universities: Excellence Hub

The Universites of LeedsSheffield and York jointly run an Excellence Hub each year for students from the region to participate in activities to support their application.  More infomation can be obtained here

The Excellence Hub for Yorkshire and Humber is a regional collaboration and the purpose of the programme is to develop exciting and purposeful opportunities for high achieving young people to help enrich their experiences in school/college.

Events delivered through the Excellence Hub for Yorkshire and Humber are open to students from across the UK who have been identified by their school or college as being high achieving. Please note that there are additional eligibilty criteria and a set application process for applying for events.

Study Abroad

Students who would like to study abroad or are considering studying abroad, use the links below for more information.

Local Universities

Below are links to local universities and two local further education colleges that offer a small number of higher education courses.


Higher Education Courses at Local Further Education Colleges

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