Executive Principal:

Mr G Mason 


Ms Z Bidmead: Deep Leadership

Associate Vice Principal

Mrs N Bibby: Teaching, Learning and Assessment Deep Learning

Senior Leadership Team:

Miss G Broughton: Progress and Intervention Deep Experience, SENCO, DSL

Associate Assistant Principals:

Miss A Stockdale: Maths

Faculty Leaders:

Miss C Thoresen: English

Miss A Stockdale: Maths

Mr S Rae: Science

Miss F Lawson: Expressive Arts

Mrs E Green: Communications & Technology

Mrs H Hague: EBACC 


Miss G Broughton, Assistant Principal

Mrs M Nixon

Student Services & Office Manager:

Mrs Jackie Whitby

Data, Exams & Assessment Manager:

Mrs T Gorbutt

Intervention Co-ordinator:

Mrs M Nixon

Education Welfare Officer

Ms V French

Consequences Manager:

Mrs C Richardson

Alternative Provision Co-ordinator

Mr C Weaver

Inclusion Support Co-Ordinator / Child Protection Co-Ordinator: 

Mrs Alison Mitchell DDSL

Learning Managers:

Mrs C Donnelly - Year 7

Mrs J Haynes - Year 8

Miss Massarella - Year 9

Mrs S Chadwick - Year 10

Mrs J Hurley - Year 11

Finance/Lettings Office:

Mrs R Collins

Mrs R Gibson

Anti-Bullying Co-Ordinator:

Mrs C Donnelly