KS4 Drama

Pupils who opt for Drama will be taking the BTEC Technical Performing Arts qualification with the DRAMA element. It includes the following components but with a focus on Drama in Performing Arts.

What does the qualification cover?

The Award gives learners the opportunity to develop sector-specific knowledge and skills in a
practical learning environment. The main focus is on four areas of equal importance,
which cover the:
• development of key skills that prove your aptitude in Performing Arts such as reproducing
repertoire or responding to stimuli
• process that underpins effective ways of working in the Performing Arts, such as
development of ideas, rehearsal and performance
• attitudes that are considered most important in the Performing Arts, including personal
management and communication
• knowledge that underpins effective use of skills, process and attitudes in the sector such
as roles, responsibilities, performance disciplines and styles.
This Award complements the learning in GCSE programmes such as GCSE Drama and GCSE Dance
by broadening experience and skills participation in different type of performance activities with the
opportunity to practically apply your knowledge and skills, through project work such as developing
ideas and performing for specific audiences.

What can the qualification lead to?

Study of the qualification as part of Key Stage 4 learning will help learners to make more informed
choices for further learning, either generally or in this sector. The choices that learners can make
post-16 will depend on their overall level of attainment and their performance in the qualification.
Learners who generally achieve at Level 2 across their Key Stage 4 learning might consider
progression to:
• A Levels as preparation for entry to higher education in a range of subjects
• study of a vocational qualification at Level 3, such as a BTEC National in Performing Arts,
which prepares learners to enter employment or apprenticeships, or to move on to higher
education by studying a degree in the Performing Arts or Production Arts areas.
Learners who generally achieve at Level 1 across their Key Stage 4 learning might consider
progression to:
• study at Level 2 post-16 in a range of technical routes designed to lead to work,
to progression to employment, to apprenticeships or to further study at Level 3.
For these learners, the attitudes and the reflective and communication skills covered
in this qualification will help them achieve
• study of Performing Arts post-16 through the study of a technical certificate. Learners who
perform strongly in this qualification compared to their overall performance should strongly
consider this progression route as it can lead ultimately to employment in the performing
arts sector